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    Alkahila Art Gallery Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to attend the exhibition's opening " The Soulmate " by the Artist/ Ahmed Farid. Opening Night : Monday 5th of March 2018 at 7:00 pm, exhibition continues to 15th of March 2018. Your Presence is Our Pleasure. Farid flourished into a young multi-talented artist who managed to capture the attention of a large audience through his remarkable paintings, filmmaking, and acting roles in Egyptian television drama series. In addition to his demanding schedule, Farid is currently a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts,Alexandria University. Among his remarkable achievements, Farid participated in several international art exhibitions representing Egypt in Switzerland, France, California, and New York. “The Soulmate” Souls are like commissioned soldiers, when they unite there is harmony, but when they quarrel there is turmoil. The concept of this year’s exhibition revolves around the unknown composition of the human soul. Despite the numerous spiritual theories which attempt to explain the composition, and regardless of the advancement of our scientific knowledge, the soul will remain like a code to be decoded.Moreover, the soul is our inner spiritual light, hence it never dies, but shifts from one world to another. Some theories claim that we once lived as souls only in a world of spirits, and that it wasn’t until our soul's attained harmony that we came into existence in this human world. The soul mate could possibly be the universe or another soul. Regardless of who or what the other half, the soul interacts and communicates with the other half. Therefore, the human being is composed of a substance and soul. The substance is observed in the human body, and the soul is incarnated as light. Whenever a human ascends through the soul, he/she is that much closer to the light and attains insight and certainty in order to foresee the unforeseen. The closer the human gets to the substance, the further from the light and closer to the darkness. Our inner souls communicate with other souls via the gate of the soul, the eye, which we observe in the painted figures. The eye speaks, observes, anticipates, saddens, rejoices, loves, hates, and desires. And so, the mating of souls is the strongest spiritual connection one can attain through the soul’s energy. When such energy encounters its mate, the result is wholeness and attraction. Gallery Hours: Daily From 11:00 am till 9:00 pm, except Fridays. Our address is 15 El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz street - Mohandessin Tel. (02) 33040791 – Mob. 01228647511