AlKahila | A Gentle Giant
  • A Gentle Giant

    We are honoured to invite you to Ahmed Dafrawy#s exhibition opening. Opening night: Monday 11 of December at 7:00 pm, exhibition continues to 21 of December. Gallery Hours: Daily from 11:00 am till 9:00 pm, except Fridays. “Big acting small” Gentle in behaviour and big in thought.  Appreciating the happening for it will be lost. Like every memory fading so fast. Some beautiful pictures will ever last.  A journey ahead with a legacy that needs to be fed. Nothing is real but the time in my head.  Constant dreams waiting to be read. Only with respect we learn to accept. The differences that mark everyone best. For only then we are destined to rest. The song of truth is the real hit. The enemy was a misfortunate kid. Only in our hearts the king always hid.  For life is always better lived. On sacred land, we should sit. Being thankful for our shared gift. A life of big acting small. Learn to stand high and tall. Sincerely, A Gentle Giant