Al Kahila | Ahmed Farid
Ahmed Farid


Ahmed Farid, born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1981. Farid doesn’t only work predominately in the medium of painting, but he is also an Art Professor and a T.V drama actor. Farid completed his Ph.D. in the philosophy of Art at the San Francisco University in 2014. He participated in several international art exhibitions presenting Egypt in Switzerland, France, California and New York.He held various solo shows at Egypt, Kuwait, and Tunisia. He is represented in the collection of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and in private collections in many countries like Egypt, United States, France, Kuwait,Tunisia and Morocco.He was appointed as the Ambassador of Good Will in 2014. He lives and works in Cairo between painting, T.V presenting and acting. His large mixed media paintings often depict the insides of souls through big eyes following signs of hope and knowledge, Ahmad Farid believes, that we reveal who we really are through our pursuit of freedom. “We can feel the freedom inside a jail at the same time you can’t feel the freedom with your family or your country or your community, because the freedom is all in our minds not in our space.” Layering, texturing and scraping traditional oil paint with inks and acrylic colors, the Alexandrian based artist evokes an expressive and sensitive quality that shows the inside drama of his figures through great agony. Relating to the human fear of the unknown and the use of lights and birds of hope, Farid’s paintings often